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Empire Classic Furniture is a young company founded in 2003, offering our customers an excellent alternative to the traditional pure classical style, by giving them the possibility to distinguish themselves in originality, elegance, class and abundance in elaborated details and decorations.But it is not only the style of Empire Classic Furniture which makes the difference: one of the strong points of our Company is the capability to meet the demands of customers from all over the Malaysia and others country in a very short time. This is possible because all the collections are available on stock for an immediate delivery.

Its growing success is due to its precise position in the market. Empire proposes classic and contemporary furniture as both a tradition and a philosophy.

The Founder

Tan Lian Chai
“The best thing about being in the home furnishings business is it allows us to touch people’s lives” Since the early days Empire has worked with big names and maintains daily relationship with its customers in order to realize their dreams.

Tan Lian Chai
Managing Director
Christine Chooi
You get what you inspect, not what you expect. Take a look, meet us and realize together your idea! Everyone can own Classic now!

Christine Chooi
Executive Director

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