We want to offer an authentic selection of environments characterized by the poetry of unique precision. The collections are selected to satisfy every taste and form requirement while consistently maintaining an eye for detail and innovation.

The Rooms

Living Room

The living room is the meeting place of the house. Historically, the living room is the calling card of any good host and expresses our individual way of life. Furnishing a living room is about revealing oneself, getting across – more or less explicitly – who we are and what we like. A house furnished in the trademark Italian classic style implies choices of quality and unmistakable interior design taste. Casting one´s eye over hidden details, running your finger over exquisite fabrics, finding unexpected reflections in the glass furniture – all these pleasures will leave a lasting impression on any guest.

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Dining Room

Spending time in a precious environment makes all the difference, even more so if the place in question is the dining room where you welcome guests and where furnishing tastes are shown to their best. The rich fabrics of the chairs, the sparkle of the artisan decoration and exquisite detailing are the unmistakable stylistic features of a way of life which speaks about you and your taste for Italian design. The magical atmosphere of an dining room will not go unnoticed by any guest and sharing the pleasure of luxury will make for lasting memories.

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The bedroom is the most intimate spot of the house. At the end of the day you can close the door on the workday, hitches and daily stress and restore yourself in the tranquility of the warmth of your room. The sinuous and refined design features embrace you in a space rich in personality. Among the gilding and fabrics you will easily lose yourself in sweet dreams.

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